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ローマ字: romaji, a japanese lyrics community
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romaji, a japanese lyrics community

Welcome to romaji, a community dedicated to the romanization of Japanese lyrics.

→Romanization requests are temporarily closed

♪ r u l e s

① Join the community before requesting romanizations!
② Read the userinfo and be sure you understand it.
③ Please be courteous to other members as well as the romanisers when you comment.
④ Give us time! Please don't email asking where the romaji is -- we're working on it! (・o・)ゞ
⑤ If you plan on reposting the lyrics elsewhere, please ask first or at least let us know. We like to see where our lyrics end up. Also, if reposting, please credit the community and the romaniser. A link back to the community so others can join would be greatly appreciated, as well. (*^ー^)ノ
⑥ Please do not ask us to upload the things we romanise. We are a lyric community, not a mp3 sharing community. If you have the lyrics but you need the songs, try jmusic_uploads.
⑦ If you're requesting romanisations for use on your website, please ask us when you send us your request. Likewise, if you want to use posted romaji for your website, please either email or comment to that post to ask the romaniser if you may use them. Some of us don't care, but some of us do. If you are given permission, please remember to credit! (*^ー^)ノ
⑧ Enjoy the lyrics and have fun singing along! (゜∇ ゜)ラララーン♪

Membership is currently open!

♪ request guidelines

→Romanization requests are temporarily closed

◆ If you have scans of the lyrics please make sure they are large and clear. Alternatively, you may send us the typed Japanese lyrics. You may also request lyrics if you don't have scans/typed Japanese lyrics, as we have sites where we are able to look for them, but please keep in mind that we may or may not be able to fulfill your request.
◆ Please try and include links to the song(s) you want romanised -- if you forget and we don't have the song(s), we will reply and ask you for them.
◆ When emailing us, include the song title, album title, and artist's name. Also, include your Livejournal username so we know who you are!
◆ Requests can be either one song, a single, or even an album, but please be reasonable with your requests.
◆ Please don't request translations -- we only do romanisations at this point in time.
◆ Currently, we do not accept romaji from our members. In the future, we may implement a list of member sites that have romaji on them.

♪ romanisers/moderators


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DISCLAIMER: We romanize lyrics as a hobby, and so foreign fans that don't have the opportunity to learn Japanese can sing along. All lyrics are copyright their original writers, and we do not intend to cause any harm with this community.